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It's incredible how much you can accomplish when you become accountable to someone else.  A coach is a mentor that is there to help you through all your questions, as you establish and run your business.  

Mentor enables you to focus on key activities to reach your goals and see growth in you and your business week after week.  Through weekly assignments you will accomplish a goal or multiple goals based on a goal list that you set up front together with our Clearpath Consultant.  

This program is suitable for committed business savvy individuals who are serious about taking their skills and business to the next level.  You will have access to our Consultant by phone, email or text to ask any questions at any point for 2 months.  This is an intensive "get it done" approach to get your goals completed, get you energized and off to a strong start.  

Whether you are just starting your business, making your business reach a particular goal or just need a fresh expert business eye to get your business to a higher level, Clearpath Consulting will get you there.  With a network of subject matter experts, we can offer the best in class service that is just right for your business.  

With our unprecedented "call us anytime" policy, we will help you through any of your questions within an upfront agreed upon time frame every time!  We can help you answer questions such as how much should I charge for my product/service, how can I gain an investment loan, what should I prepare for my next business meeting, how do I handle a difficult customer moment, etc., etc.?

Please contact us today to inquire about your specific needs and if this program is right for you!



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