Whether you are just starting out or you are an established business, Clearpath Consulting will help you reach higher goals, make your business more profitable and increase efficiencies in your business.  

Focusing on core processes unique for your business will take your business on a clear path to reaching your goals sooner while leaving you with more money in your business.


Have you ever had one or more of the following situations in your business?

  • My sales and profits are flat or choppy quarter after quarter and possibly year after year?  ​

  • I have a hard time managing my costs with unpredictable revenue. My team works every day, but I don't see the results I expected in my bottom line.   

  • My team and I work over 60 hours a week every week and don't see the growth we want.​

  • I seem to never reach the business goals I envisioned with lots of day to day work.​

  • I need more time to focus on "growing my business" but day to day tedious tasks like responding to email inquiries and other never ending paperwork don't leave me the time to do it.​

  • I lose sleep over what to tackle next in my business and where the business may be in a year or five?​​

If you have any or all of the above situations, it's time for us to talk.  

At Clearpath Consulting we can promise you the following:

  • Increased sales and profits as a result of higher employee efficiency.  What does that mean? Your business and employees will embrace higher automation, focusing on core value add activities, leaving you and them with more time on your hands and more money in your bank.

  • Predictable profits for ongoing months and quarters, leaving you with better sleep at night.  It's all about numbers for us at Clearpath Consulting.  We have it broken down to the number of calls and meetings you have to have in order to reach your desired profit.

  • A clear strategy and focus for your business tomorrow, next year and in 5 years, with actionable, clear pathways to help you get there effectively!

  • Cost review audit to save your business money that is currently leaking out of your organization - we'll review your cost structure to help you save your hard-earned dollars.  Clients typically find that Clearpath Consulting will pay for itself through the Cost review audit alone.

  • Risk management strategies that are easy to implement that work in your business and today's economy - managing credit risk, foreign exchange risk, liquidity risk etc.

Nobody has ever succeeded on his or her own.  You've done an amazing job getting your business where it's at right now.  Are you ready to go to the next level?  We are here to take your business to the full potential that it deserves.  

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