Sales growth - referrals and retention

We all work hard on getting the sales in the door.  Maybe you cold call, maybe you spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, maybe you are 100% referral based business.  No matter on how you get your customers, you work hard on getting them.  


Most start up owners break sweat and tears getting every single customer in the door, making sure every experience their customer receives is superior.  The company's "bucket" of new customers is shiny and new and keeps getting full of new customers.  Every customer is happy.  The owner makes sure of that!  Owner prospers and company grows.   


While businesses grow, they tend to lose focus.  More employees are hired.  Work gets allocated to new hires who let's face it, are not as engaged as any owner would ever be.  The "bucket" cracks.  A handful of customers are lost through those cracks and will never return.  These lost customers will not refer your business to others.  Your business slows down its momentum of growth.  New fierce competitors enter the landscape.  Whether this is a small crack (few unhappy customers leaving), or a big crack (you know immediately that you have an operational problem), your business results will reflect it and sooner or later you will know it too.


Often business owners struggle with their activities.  There are lots of exciting ways to take your business, lots of ideas, plans and hard work.  The number 1 priority needs to remain ensuring that you patch up the holes in your "bucket".  No matter how hard you work on getting that next big deal closed or the new region under your belt, if your processes and results are not of the highest quality and strong consistency, your bucket will get its cracks and you will keep losing those hard earned clients.


Quality and consistency is the key:

1.  Make sure you put the right people in charge.

2. Outline your customer's experience with you and ensure the reality matches it.  From the minute customers first hear of you, through the moment they contact you, hire you, receive their product/service, to the payment and a final thank you note.

3. Implement an "unhappy customer mitigation policy".  What are the steps your team will take every time to ensure you turn your unhappy customer into a happy one today?  


Every interaction counts and it must leave your customers with the excellent experience you desire.


Focus on ensuring you patch up your "bucket" before you start pouring new customers in!


The path is clear with Clearpath Consulting.


Yours in business, 

Lenka Bolton, CPA, CMA



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